My name is Pierce Bartine. I’m an SRE working in Palo Alto, California for Salesforce. My goal is to become good at whatever currently has my attention; there are so many disparate bodies of knowledge out there that I can’t help but want to connect them! Really, I just love learning, (mostly) regardless of the topic.

Though a chemical engineer on paper, exposure to Linux at an early age pretty much sealed my fate. I’m a loyal fan of the kernel, but I’ve been known to stray into the Apple orchard occasionally. Check out my dotfiles and resume, they’re part of my everything-as-code initiative.

Outside of that, I’m a swimmer; visualizing swimming data sucked me into the coding world. I also like to float rivers and go exploring. Mathematics interests me greatly; I find a sense of beauty in the raw idea-ness of pure math.

Primordial Mt. Fuji

Primordial Mt. Fuji, Yasuo Nomura, 2013